Sunday, 10 February 2019

Reason why you keep losing to the bookies which is the fact that you have no plan.

Truth is that the bookies never want you to look at sports betting this way. They earn their money from the 90% of The punters who are either inexperienced or newbies and make silly mistakes.

They never want you to bet logically that's why they always rub in your face one offer to another promoting bets on your favorite teams!

​​​You see them promoting outrageous winning tickets because they want to make you feel you can do it too. Well, you can. But ​the odds are undoubtedly stacked against you.

You will now agree with me that instead of

1) Betting on your favorite team; You should remove emotions and focus on teams and leagues where you get value for each bet you place.
You will also agree with me that instead of:

2) Betting with random amounts of cash; You should have a fixed and feasible bankroll where you stake only a small percentage. Say 5% to 10%.
and instead of:

3) Betting on 1 X 2 only. You should look into more markets which you can get a decent value from and master the art of picking games from that particular market.

Now, you NEED a PLAN, a solid one at that, before you kiss goodbye to having your betting bank at the negative.

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