Thursday, 7 March 2019


Football Betting or football gambling  is the activity of predicting sports results and placing a wager on the outcome.
football Betting is a huge and ever-growing business all the World, mostly, UK. Although the Premier League attracts the most money, every league throughout the country, from the Championship down to the Conference, has fans wagering on it. There just seems to be something about football that makes us Brits want to have a flutter! 
Football Gambling is addictive, it can result to suicide, family break ups and even death. Globally, nearly 20 million gamblers are suffering from depression resulting from massive or unexpected losses. It’s only wise that when one becomes a gambler, he/she must know how to control emotions.

I have observed over time that people who quit gambling are those with high expectations that result to disappointments. But we have gamblers who are smart, they know when to play and when to pause. These people have been in the game for so long and are enjoying it.

Before you quit, let me tell you one thing. If you want to enjoy the game of gambling, never play to get rich, just play to have the experience of winning and losing. Statistics show that in a week, a serious gambler loses at least twice—that’s the fact you should be armed with.

Football Gambling is like smoking, once you have started, it’s almost impossible to quit. The only remedy is to know how to manage the habit so as to cushion the effects resulting from the addiction. I always suggest to our subscribers this: never stake high, always embrace single bets, your everyday expectation should be a loss, avoid football betting on daily basis.

Nevertheless, if you are tired of betting, the right time to stop is when the habit has taken toll on your health and financial status. If you develop depression our of betting, please stop as soon as possible. If all your money sink into football betting, it’s time to consider quitting.

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